Still thriving in the warmth of our fall concert, Love on the Rocks, Soulstice moves into another semester filled with mini episodes, gigs, and live performances. As we all patiently await the concert videos, the ensemble is gearing up for 8 different arrangements from the previous spectacle. Don't forget to mark your calendars for Thursday, March 29th at Le National when we present them all. We are additionally excited to announce that we will be singing at the Candlelight ceremony for 'Relay for Life', and hopefully will be parlaying our music into other Universities for an international collaboration sometime this spring. Finally we would like to welcome two of our altos, Daryn and Nadia, back to the group!

We hope you had a wonderfully relaxing break, and thank you for your continued support of the arts. Here's to another wonderful semester with Soulstice a Cappella.



First we want to thank everybody who came out on Halloween to witness our collaboration with the Princeton Footnotes! Means the world to have a full audience even at our local bar. 

November 16th we will be performing at a coffee house around 10pm, hosted by Vent Over Tea and Stronger Than Stigma. Ticket and event info can be found in the event tab for our website! It's great music for a great cause: definitely going to want to check that out.

Finally... Soulstice a Cappella Presents: LOVE ON THE ROCKS
Our fall show is l a u n c h e d and happening November 19th, 9pm. Reminder we are without opener so ensure you get there early as to not miss a minute of the soulfam. More information on how to purchase tickets/ venue details/ etc. can also be found in the event tab for this website! Including the link to buy tickets and facebook event page. 

Thank you for your continued support of the arts and Soulstice a Cappella! See you soon.



Owen Ammann, Bridget Esler, Angelina Mazza, Phillip Mercier, Erika Mott, and Jeremy Roffman !! 
We had such an incredible turn out this year and couldn't be happier with our new members to the soul-fam, and the rest of the a cappella community. Stay tuned for more details on our up and coming concert! Mark your calendars; Soulstice a Cappella hits the stage November 19th! 



Owen Ammann
Zarina Angell
Auriane de Buchet
Marc Darmohraj
Bridget Esler
Kristi Fox
Jordanna Gisser
Zaheed Kara
Julia Larson
Julia Lesser
Marie Levandier
Tianyu Lu
Angelina Mazza
Phillip Mercier
Matthew McLaughlin
Erika Mott
Azélie Pouliot
Jeremy Roffman
Nikoo Sarraf
Neel Soman

As always we were absolutely blown away by the talent shown this weekend. To each and every person who came out, we want you to feel so proud for sharing yourselves, and your voices with us over the past three days. EVERYONE will receive an email in the next day so keep your eyes peeled! Thank you thank you thank you.. we couldn't be more in awe. 

We wish we could take 40 of you but alas here we are. Congratulations to our Callback singers- we are so excited to continue this journey with you and get to know you and your voices that much better.

See you Thursday! Check your email for more information. XOXO



August is coming to a close faster than we all could possibly believe, and Soulstice will be having auditions of the coming year September 8th-10th. Our audition spreadsheet isn't up yet- but check here or our Facebook page for the launch! 

What you need to know:
- Auditions are very casual- you'll need to prepare 1-2 minutes of something you can sing a cappella that best shows off your voice. 
- There's a chance you'll need to do some sight singing and/or sing back. Don't panic- it's just so we know where you're at.
- Callbacks will be the following THURSDAY. You'll receive an email either way, and if you're selected we will send you more details. We are good friends with the other groups and all our callbacks are different days of the week! So no conflict. If you're accepted into more than one, you'll decide on the Friday which group is for you. 
- Auditions are for us to get to know you, as much as they are you getting to know the soul-fam. We look forward to hearing each and everyone of you perform. XOXO - Soulstice


Come check out our spring concert coming up before you know it! 
Location: Théâtre l'Astral
When: 2 April at 7:30pm
Hit up out facebook page to reserve tickets! We cannot wait to see you there.
xoxo, the soulfam, 


Soulstice a Cappella is so proud to introduce it's 2016 newbie class! Congrats to all.. welcome to the fam. #soulfam

Maddy MacGregor, Soprano
Nadia Bichri, Alto
Charlie Hardy, Baritone
Hannah Rapaglia, Mezzosoprano
Nicole Furrier, Alto
Hanjian Xu, Baritone
Darragh McArdle, Tenor
Connor Young, Tenor


we don't even know where to start. 
this weekend was so incredibly jam-packed with talent and we couldn't say thank you enough to everyone who came out to sing for us! truly blown away. 
it breaks our heart to say we had to cut back from our callback list several times because of numbers, but know that if you do not see your name below you should still be so proud. 
for those of you advancing to callbacks, congratulations! check your emails for all the details. 
we look forward to seeing everyone at our up-and-coming concerts.
all our love, the soul-fam xx

Janna Agustin

Olivier Benoit

Nadia Bichri

Maiko Button

Louis Croquette

R’ay Fodor

Nicole Furrier

Sofia Gadbois

Charlie Hardy

Madison MacGregor

Marina Martin

Darragh McArdle

Joseph McGowan

Alexis Ocampo

Hannah Rapaglia

Pauline Rivera

Rachel Seo

Florian Wong

Hanjian (William) Xu

Connor Young


We are having auditions Friday 9th, Saturday 10th, and Sunday the 11th. You just gotta stop by and sing 1minute of whatever you love the most! It's super relaxed. Callbacks are Monday the 12th, and the list for callbacks will be posted Sunday night so keep an eye on this page and our facebook page! Hit up our google doc below (or above on the word audition) for time slots and the location.

See you there ;)