New Members

We are pleased to welcome our new members to the 2019/20 semesters!

Ula Goldstein

David Cruz

Ugo Umeano

Max Badea-Hasasian

Sophie Mathis

Jared Warden-Joseph

Meet our newbies on the members page!

2019 Fall Callbacks

Soulstice A Cappella is happy to be back in the swing of things at school after a long and relaxing summer. We are thrilled to kick off our Fall season by congratulating all those lovely singers who received callbacks as of Sunday evening:

Ula Goldstein
Sharon Yang
Ali Levy
Aliya Frendo
Sophie Mathis
Vanessa Richardson
Maria Calderbank
Sarah Garretson
Natalia Popovska
Caroline Lauf
Cassim Mapara
Tigran Kotsinyan
Ben Posedi
Max Badea-Hasasian
Ugo Umeano
Jacob Peng
Victor Wang
David Cruz
Jared Warden-Joseph
Thomas Lai

Stay tuned for the announcement of our new members and an exciting new mini episode!

Soulstice A Cappella - 2019 Winter Season

The Winter 2019 Semester is now underway, and Soulstice A Cappella is thrilled to be singing again! After a restful and exciting break—where some of our members traveled the world, some enjoyed the nearby slopes of Mt. Tremblant, and others relaxed with family—we are back in the winter wonderland of Montreal!

First, some exciting news! We held Winter Auditions and saw some fantastic, fresh talent! We are thrilled to announce the following singers who received callbacks:

Hannah Nes

Oz McClamrock

Hope Jesmer

Congratulations to the callbackees!

Keep up with our social media (Instagram: @soulsticeacappella; Facebook: Soulstice A Cappella) for exciting gig announcements, photos and videos, and—soon enough—information regarding our Winter Concert!

With love,

The Soul-Fam

Announcing our Fall 2018 Concert…

Soulstice is proud to announce the title of our Fall 2018 Concert— Soulstice A Cappella Presents: Origins. We are thrilled to share that Origins will take place on Sunday, December 2nd at Le National (1220 Rue St Catherine E). Doors will open at 7:00PM, and the show will start at 8:00PM. You can pick up a ticket in advance from any member of Soulstice for $10, or you can purchase one at the door for $12.50. For more information about the concert leading up to the show, keep in touch with our Facebook page, or follow us on Instagram (@soulsticeacappella). We hope you are as excited as we are for ORIGINS… See you on December 2nd!

Fall 2018 Callback List

We are so excited to announce our callbackees! This was such a difficult decision, thank you to everyone who shared your voice with us!

Congratulations to the following!

Silas Chappell
William Zhang 
Stuart Vine
James Curran
Ford Healey
Brady Snyder
Kit Smith
Léo Barès
Oz McClamrock 
Bastien Nardon 
Caterina Pacifico 
Julia Lesser 
Maya Garfinkel 
Eliana Miskey 
Madison Santos 
Ella Stewart
Maddie Zerbey 
Maddy Hay
Rebecca Parry
Dahyun (Anne) Kyung

Auditions for Soulstice's 2018-19 Season

As the school-year approaches, Soulstice A Cappella is getting excited for another year of auditions! We cannot wait to hear a new crop of voices, and welcome new members into the Soul-Fam. Our auditions will be held on September 14-16, and information about callbacks will follow soon thereafter. 

If you are interested in booking an audition, please message our Facebook page, or email us at We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about the audition process, our group in general, or anything else! If you are a McGill student, we encourage you to visit our table at Activities Night during the first week of classes; we would love to meet you there, and help you book an audition slot in person. Happy Back-to-School Season! 


2018: A Summary

What a year for Soulstice A Cappella. Two wildly successful concerts, dozens of gigs, two retreats, and six fantastic new members. However, we also had to say goodbye to two of our wonderful graduating members: Margo Cunningham and Rachael Cohen. Their graduation tributes can be found on our YouTube channel.

Congratulations to our Executive Team for the 2018-19 school year! 

Musical Director: Davis Kurdyla

President: Charlie Hardy

VP Communications: Hannah Rapaglia

VP External: Daryn Tyndale

VP Finance: Nicole Furrier

VP Internal: Mitchell Fong

We look forward to another great year with Soulstice A Cappella, led by our new Executive Team. We hope you enjoyed this year as much as we have, and we thank you for your continued support of the arts. Stay tuned in to our various forms of social media for concert videos, mini episodes, and more as the summer goes on, and the next school year approaches!

Fall Concert Announcement

First and foremost, Soulstice would like to thank everybody who came out on Halloween to support us in our collaborative performance with the Princeton Footnotes! It means the world to us to have a full audience, even at our local bar. Special thanks to Bar Des Pins for being the unofficially official bar of the McGill A Cappella Community.

On November 16th, we will be performing at a coffee house at around 10pm, hosted by Vent Over Tea and Stronger Than Stigma. Ticket and event info can be found in the event tab for our website! It's great music for a great cause; you are definitely going to want to check that out.

Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for! We are so excited to announce our fall concert...

Soulstice a Cappella Presents: LOVE ON THE ROCKS
Our fall show has officially launched, and it will be happening on November 19th at 9pm at La Sala Rosa. Reminder, we will not have an opening act, so be sure to get there early! More information on how to purchase tickets/venue details/etc. can be found in the events tab on our website! 

Thank you for your continued support of the arts and Soulstice a Cappella! See you soon.

Congratulations to our New Members (2017-18)

We had such an incredible turn out at auditions this year, as well as a truly remarkable round of callbacks! We could not be more proud of our new members, and we are so happy for the rest of the a cappella community. 

Without any further ado, we would like to welcome...

Owen Ammann

Bridget Esler

Angelina Mazza

Phillip Mercier

Erika Mott

Jeremy Roffman

Congratulations to our newbies, let's have an incredible year!

Finalists for Callbacks

It has been an incredibly competitive audition season here at McGill, and we are so excited to announce our list for callbacks. Congratulations to everyone who received one, and thank you all so much for auditioning!

Owen Ammann
Zarina Angell
Auriane de Buchet
Marc Darmohraj
Bridget Esler
Kristi Fox
Jordanna Gisser
Zaheed Kara
Julia Larson
Julia Lesser
Marie Levandier
Tianyu Lu
Angelina Mazza
Phillip Mercier
Matthew McLaughlin
Erika Mott
Azélie Pouliot
Jeremy Roffman
Nikoo Sarraf
Neel Soman

As always, we were absolutely blown away by the talent shown this weekend. To each and every person who came out, we want you to feel so proud for sharing yourselves, and your voices with us over the past three days. Everyone will receive an email in the next day, so keep your eyes peeled! Thank you thank you thank you.

Audition Information

August is coming to a close faster than we could possibly believe, and Soulstice will be having auditions for the coming year on September 8th-10th. Our audition spreadsheet isn't up yet- but check here or our Facebook page for the launch! 

What you need to know:
- Auditions are very casual- you'll need to prepare 1-2 minutes of something you can sing a cappella that best shows off your voice. 
- There's a chance you'll need to do some sight singing and/or sing back. Don't panic- it's just so we know where you're at.
- Callbacks will be the following THURSDAY. You'll receive an email either way, and if you're selected we will send you more details. We are good friends with the other groups and all our callbacks are different days of the week! So no conflict. If you're accepted into more than one, you'll decide on the Friday which group is for you. 
- Auditions are for us to get to know you, as much as they are you getting to know the soul-fam. We look forward to hearing each and everyone of you perform. 

Break a leg!

Spring Concert Announcement

We are so excited to announce the details surrounding our upcoming concert! Check out our Facebook page for more details.

Soulstice Presents: Water Fountain
Location: Théâtre l'Astral
When: 2 April at 7:30pm
We cannot wait to see you there.

Congratulations to Our New Members (2016-17)

Soulstice a Cappella is so proud to introduce it's 2016 newbie class! Congrats to all, and welcome to the fam.

Maddy MacGregor, Soprano
Nadia Bichri, Alto
Charlie Hardy, Baritone
Hannah Rapaglia, Mezzo-soprano
Nicole Furrier, Alto
Hanjian Xu, Baritone
Darragh McArdle, Tenor
Connor Young, Tenor