Stronger MentaliTEA: An artistic exploration of mental health.

We will be kicking officially performing at our first coffee house of the semester on November 16th, around 10pm! Couldn't be more excited to be working with organizations like 'Vent Over Tea' and 'Stronger Than Stigma'. 

Description of the event:

Art is therapy, artists are healers

Join us on November 16 for a special evening of live performances by local artists in celebration of mental health:

STRONGER MENTALITEA - an exciting collaboration between two local mental health nonprofit organizations, Stronger Than Stigma & Vent Over Tea - will be a multi-model exploration of mental wellness held in the basins of Bain Matthieu; a public bath-turned graceful venue. 

In the depths of this former public bath, we will be exhibiting performances and artwork inspired by, or that are an expression of, mental wellness and/or illness.

More about the hosts:

Stronger Than Stigma (STS):
A not-for-profit initiative which aims to promote mental health on campus. STS does this through its three goals of breaking down the barriers that surround mental health, enhancing the student population’s knowledge of mental health, and by promoting wellness with various events.

Vent Over Tea (VoT):
A non-profit organization that connects people who need to talk to an empathetic listener in a local cafe. The program is based on the proven benefits of sharing your personal problems with a compassionate listener

Check out the FB link below for more information - we cannot wait to see you there!